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August 3, 2009

New Kelsey Murphy pieces!

We got a few one of a kind Kelsey Murphy pieces in over the weekend. Mostly sand carved Fenton animals, and one 5 color paperweight blown by Ron Hinkle. All beautiful!
I made a photo album of all the pieces over on our Facebook page. It is a public page, so you don’t need to be signed up on Facebook to see it. 🙂
If you ARE on Facebook, however, you can become a fan of the page and receive updates in your news feed. 🙂 Also, you can find me at, and add me as a friend. Just add a note to let me know where I “know” you from. (i.e. Fenton collector, glass lover, etc.)
Here are a few pictures of the new pieces to whet your appetite.
Have a great week!


May 14, 2009

“Fire Cat”

WOW! This is an amazing alley cat! Aubergine carnival carved by Kelsey Murphy with a fire-breathing dragon clashing with a magic-wielding wizard. Out of this world!
(This cat sold immediately, but I wanted to share it with you before I sent it out.)
I will be attending a class Friday and Saturday. I will check my email if I can, but if you don’t hear back from me right away, that’s the reason.
Hope you have the best weekend ever! 🙂

May 13, 2009

“Purrfect Iris”

OK, here is the first of several new Kelsey Murphy pieces I’ll be uploading in the next few days. 🙂
This one is carved on a sky blue iridized Fenton alley cat. (This cat is a second, as these were very rare, made for VIP night 2007.)
It is carved with a large iris and beautiful, intricate butterflies. The bottom is signed “Purrfect Iris Kelsey Made In Heaven”.
Watch for more cats and dolls coming soon!

May 12, 2009

New Shipment!

Just opened 2 boxes of Kelsey Murphy carved Fenton cats, alley cats, and bridesmaid dolls! Watch for pictures this afternoon! 🙂 GORGEOUS STUFF!

March 28, 2009

Just added some more cats!

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I just added a few more cats to our web site. If I counted correctly, that officially puts us just over 200 Fenton cats listed! 🙂 Whew!

March 27, 2009

New Kelsey Murphy Fenton Pieces In!

I wish I could post all the pictures of the new things, as they are so gorgeous! Here are a few to give you an example.

All of these pieces are much more beautiful in person, and the alley cats in particular are very hard to capture in photographs. If you are interested in more pictures, just let me know!

March 19, 2009

Carved Fenton Chocolate Cat on Fount

This cat also came in yesterday. It’s so new that I don’t even have it on our website yet, but I’m offering you all a sneak peek! 🙂
"Step Back"
This is a chocolate stylized cat still on its fount, that Kelsey has carved on. I LOVE the way she decorated the base, too!
The cat has a horse rearing up on its hind legs, and is named “Step Back”. It is designed and carved personally by Kelsey herself, and is the only one of its kind. The cat does lean backwards on its fount, as many of the founted animals do. Carving goes all the way around. Super cool cat! 🙂

Beautiful Carved Fenton Cats!

Here are a couple of cats that came in yesterday and left today.

Their names are “Pink Angel” and “Sapphire Angel”, and the opalescence on them made the carving turn out beautifully! On their backs is an adorable little cherub/angel with wings holding a heart.
Although we will mis them, we are happy to report that they are going to one of the best homes a Fenton cat could hope for. They are going to live with Renee’ Candalino. 🙂 We know they will be well taken care of and loved!
Also going along with them is this fabulous plaque, specially made to go with Renee’s collection:
Fenton/Kelsey Plaque

Fenton/Kelsey Plaque

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